๐Ÿ‘–An Ode to Denim!๐Ÿ‘–

Imagine a world without denim. For most who do not live in leggings (or sweats), this seems like a pretty difficult concept to wrap ย their head around. As an Idea picture this. No jeans, no jean jackets, no BLACK JEANS *gasp*, no non-stretchy pants, no….MOM JEANS, no jean shorts…the list goes on and on! You may need to sit down for this emotional roller coaster…not being able to rock the Canadian Tuxedo #happycanadaday! Denim is making aย hugeย comeback in 2016 from Gucci to Burberry, everyone has to have the relaxed and retro denim look.

Instead of listing all the things we would not have without denim, I have decided to create a list of things that Denim allows us to do. Happy Canadian Tuxedo day, so put on your best denim dynamic duo and take on the world by storm…. let’s get to it!

  • If there was no such thing as denim we could not be able to cringe over the horrid fashion faux pas of the jean world

by example…


JNCO JEANS aka the jeans with pockets deeper then my soul


I do not know who created this or why, but I have a feeling that I do not want to.

  • ย The world would not have the most useless pockets that do not even fit a penny!!! I truly do not understand why we still have them yet in 2020 lets a hope a phone will be created to fit one of those

Why? – During 1800, Cowboys wore pocket watches on chains. Even though they were a good place to hold the watch, often the watches would be broken from hitting objects. So to keep them from breaking, Levis introduced the small pocket-watch pocket! Mind. Blown.

  • Kylie Jenner would be beside herself without the extreme wedgie Levis (those must hurt!)
  • we would not have a pair of pants that could match with anything
  • we would not be able to look like a five year old or farmer in our overalls
  • Black jeans. Can we take a moment. If I did not have black highwaisted skinny jeans…I would feel incomplete. I would be peanut butter without the jelly. It just wouldn’t work
  • There would never have been a chance to relive every decade of denim in 2016
  • images

^ the 70’s mash up


^ Most importantly MOM JEANS! ๐Ÿ™‚

go mom power!

  • Jumping to put on a pair of pants would be out of the question with denim
  • You would never be able to feel like a retro pilot without the denim jacket and aviator shades
  • A suit? Not Justin! Who knows what Justin Bieber would wear to a red carpet without denim.


Just another casual day, another red carpet to slay


While she looks super uncomfy Justin looks like he knows how much better he looks then her even in…..WHITE VANS. *ew*

  • Without denim I would never have family members asking why I bought ripped jeans because, “I would never be let wearing those, why would you pay to have them be ripped”


Don’t you guys see?! Denim is the reason that we are all still living. Okay that is kind of a stretch, but it does truly make our lives better! With a pair of scissors and some patches, you can transform an old pair into a new hip pair of shorts for the summer! So next time before you yell , “I HATE DENIM”, think about Justin, or Kylie and remember….life is better with denim.

I hope you enjoyed this post!! I really had a fun time creating this post and laughing out loud looking up all the horrid jeans on the world wide web. Hope you like and follow for more! please comment down below or email sockthewalk@gmail.com for any further inquiries


By Sock the Walk

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