Splurge vs Steal: My Top Makeup Dupes

I love a good bargain.


I am and always will be a bargain shopper. Yet sometimes I tend to stray to the high end side, makeup wise, because of the lasting effect and better quality. After months of research, and many dollars down the drain, I have found my top 4 favourite makeup dupes of all time! So sit back…and enjoy (who knows maybe you will thank me later ;)!)

#1. Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay  vs. Blushed Nudes by Maybelline

Ever since I layed eyes on the Naked 3 palette I knew I wanted it! The blushed rose colours seemed amazing with my blue eyes that purchasing this palette was a no brainer! Or was it? The only issue was the price:( In Canadian dollars the palette is 60$ at sephora *faints and never looks back* For some this may be a great price, not too expensive and well made, yet for a young teen who is just starting to get their own money…this palette can be an big expense.

After looking up tutorials on YouTube of the Naked 3, I decided to go to my local Shoppers Drug Mart to find a less expensive dupe….& I found it! The Blushed Nudes by Maybelline! At first, I was not convinced. I looked at the package and thought to myself “this mustn’t be good”, after swatches all down my arm I realized, to me it was better then the real deal! For 18$ it was worth it! PLUS I quite like matte eye shadows, and as we all know the Naked Palettes are basically blocks of shimmer, so I LOVED how the Maybelline Blushed Nudes had a mix of every type of shadow.

Dupe level: 8/10 I would recommend!

#2. Color Pop Lunch Money Highlighter vs. Watt’s Up by Benefit

Until a month ago, I have never purchased my own highlighter…and let me tell you I was living in the shadows for wayyy too long!! I originally purchased the Color Pop Lunch Money cream highlight, yet gave it away to a friend after a few tries. I got fed up with it. I ordered the highlighter not knowing it was a cream and got disappointed after a few uses. Then after an enlightening talk with her, she told me the issue I had.

  1. I was not applying the cream properly
  2. I did not apply enough
  3. With those type of Highlighters, it will not last the whole day no matter what so just apply a thin layer of powdered highlighter over top

I know…what a genius! Or am I just makeup-ly challenged? Any way, after this I decided to go out on a splurge and buy myself the Watts Up by Benefit. It may be a bit pricey yet I love it.

Dupe level :7/10

Don’t throw it out!!!

#3. Pro Fusion Smoky Eyes Palette vs. Naked 1 by Urban Decay 

Another Naked Palette?!? I know, you will one day thank me. After going through my ^^ Blushed phase, I am currently in the “Nude Phase”. I have always loved natural makeup, I am not one to be bold, and when I saw the Naked one palette (which has mattes) I knew I needed it. I had the palette in my cart at Sephora for 1 month until the fateful day that was last Thursday. I was down town with my best friend, casually looking at the makeup section in Winners, when I found the most amazing item of LIFE. For 9.99$ CA there was the ProFusion Smoky palette.

a) the packaging is IDENTICAL

b) the colours are 99.9% the same, just with….More mattes *thank god*

As I opened this palette, my heart stopped for a bit…I found it! I immediately bought it and stared at it for the rest of the day. I have no negatives about this palette, the pigment is surprisingly amazing and the brush (not that I will use it) is quite decent.

Dupe Level: 10/10


#4. Make Me Brow by Essence vs. Gimme Brow by Benefit Cosmetics

Did I just save the best for last? Heck Yes!

It is called the “squat of shame”. The Squat of Shame is when ever you walk into your local drug store and there is the drug store makeup section. Normal correct? Then there is Essence. The essence makeup without a doubt is always half way across the store in a little box on the ground…by this you squat. All of the makeup artists judge you, but it is worth the judgement! For 2.99$ I bought the Make Me Brow. A fraction of Benefits price! It has eye brow fibers to add hairs to the brows and is the PERFECT way to tame your brows on the go. After 2 uses, I fell in love. The only down side is the range of colours. I have light brown eye brows and blonde hair. The only options from Essence are dark brown and blonde. I bought the blonde and I just dab the gel with a tissue after a use to match my colour. And believe it or not it works!!

Dupe Level : 10/10

Save your money and just “dab” 😉

Hey Guys!!

You guys are so amazing, thank you so much for reading these blog posts! I know I am far from a professional, yet I hope these dupes help you in the slightest way & share what your favourite dupes are! The SSBC will be continuing next week with Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden so…mark your calendars!

all the love,


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