Reasons to Hold On During Tough Times

(This is dedicated to a friend, who needed a fresh start and a little hope for a better tomorrow)

Human life consists of many cycles. From the relationship to the economic cycle. Yet the one cycle that seems to effect society the most is,  the problem solving cycle. It begins with an issue, one with a person/place/thing, and usually ends with a solution. One that makes things either moderately better or better than the state in which they began. Yet sometimes society gets stuck in the cycle, and they cannot find a way out. Being stuck in this “place” leads them to believe that there will be no better tomorrow, and maybe to the extent of : life is not worth living. I know I am not a therapist, yet when the thought of giving up gets me down and I have a loss of hope, I come up with a list. This list can be different for everyone, yet for me it is the following. So before you read and disagree with me, why not create your own?

I think of a list every day. I make it part of my routine. Part that lets me believe that no matter how big (or small) the issue may be, tomorrow will be a better day & to just keep holding on because of my favourite things. So here is my list of the people/places/and things that make me believe in the joy that tomorrow may bring.

1. The smell of fresh cookies

This is my favourite scent. There is a cookie factory not far from my house, and once in a while when I wake up the scent fills my home. For you, your favourite scent may be different, but who doesn’t love cookies?!! The idea that maybe tomorrow I will be able yo smell this once I get up really gets me through the tough times. No, I have never wanted to harm myself in any way, yet if I have had a falling out with a friend and cannot think that things will get better I think of cookies. Maybe they will make it all right.

2. Your place

We all have a “place”. One where we can be ourselves. This so-called place does not have to be a location, it could also be a person. Or just the thought of being somewhere. My place is when I am with my Mum or Friends. I can be myself around these people and not have to lie or try to act like someone I am not. Just thinking about a certain time with this person can lift my spirits for the rest of the day.

3. Your thing

“What’s your thing” “I don’t have a thing I guess” “I think there is more to a person then just a thing”The Spectacular Now

There is not one thing that makes up a person. We are created by what and who we love. So what do I mean by your “thing”? To me I am talking about the one thing that keeps me going when I’m down, the one thing I can always relate to. Music. For everyone it is  different, yet to me if I am feeling down and need a little boost, just listening to old One Direction, the Eagles or Rod Stewart can lift my spirits. Music keeps me going, what is yours?

4. Love

I have never been in love with a stranger. Truly, I have never been in a relationship, at my ripe old age ;), but I am not talking about the hugh-grant-love-story-type-of-love. I am talking about the love that I receive from my family and friends. Sometimes, I get caught up in my own issues that I forget to get up and look around at all the love and support that I am given, in fact I tune it out.Don’t do that. Accept all the support that you are given and it literally changes you into who you want to be. No matter how bad the situation may be, love will always surround you and shine through in the end.

5. Celebrity Gossip

This may be stupid, but when I am down in the dumps, I always check up on my Celebrity gossip. From the Kardashians to Taylor Swift, I read it all. For someone else something like this could help them believe in a tomorrow, one with more drama. For someone else, something like this could just about keep them going.

6. Pamper yo self

In times where I struggle, I usually forget about taking care of myself. Most of my issues involve pleasing others so much that I am fearful to even check my cellphone after an issue. So you know what?! PAMPER YO SELF! Turn off that phone, get in a bath, make your favourite beverage and soak all day (or since I cannot fit in my tub I put on my favourite face mask). At the moment my all time favourite mask is the Muddy Body Detox mask! It just arrived in the mail and it made me feel (and look) like I was glowing with joy. Never forget about self-care. It is one of the most important lessons in life.

7. Sunsets

I’m not quite sure why, but to me the most gorgeous sight to ever see is… sunsets. I always find my mood to relate to the colours in the ombre sky. They are a beacon of hope that signal a new day is on its way, so breath deeply and embrace a new day.

8. The Outcome

In tough times, we usually feel like there is no escape. Yet trust me…there is. Even if it may feel like an eternity, issues always get solved. Once every problem is resolved, you feel like… you again! A truly amazing feeling. So look forward to the climb, because the view is great.

Hello peoples of the world!

I hope this list helped a little bit 🙂 I do not mean to shove ideas down peoples throughts, yet this is a very important idea to me. The idea to help others get through struggles. That was basically the reason I made this blog in the first place. To change someones life in the slightest way, wether it was to crack a laugh or to help after a few tears have fallen. I feel so blessed that I was given the chance to make this blog in the first place and I just want to thank you all.

xx love always

p.s. please comment your opinions on this and if you will make your OWN list ;)!!

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