Stages of Concert-ing!

Going to a concert is a sequence.

We begin in a place that we often forget, yet always end up in the dumps. The dumps also known as….PCD. Or more commonly known as post-concert-depression. *the horror* Take it from me. I’ve been to my fare share of concerts. 14 to be precise. Yet every time I fall for…the trap! So this time I am giving you the inside scoop of my PCD after the amazing Ellie Goulding concert that I just went to!

Let’s Get to it!

1. Denial

This is the first step of the cycle. A song comes on the radio. Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding. At first you tell everyone that, “this song sucks” or “I hate her voice!” We do this as a psychological way to try and ‘fit in’ Then you find yourself humming the verse whilst in your free time. OH NO. It has happened. You suddenly start to doubt why you ever hated them in the first place and let your love for them shine through by looking up : Funny Ellie Interviews 2016. The curse has begun!

2. Love/ Idol-ism 🙂

After everyone clearly knows how much you like this said artist, you might as well put their name in your Instagram bio. This artist seems to become all you talk about. And dear reader, sometimes this can be very annoying, yet if it makes you happy… by all means chat on! You begin to pick out all of your flaws or reasons that you will never meet them. Trust me this happens to all of us.

3. Purchase!

Is this a dream?! You have been waiting patiently for a chance to go to an amazing concert and HERE IT IS. Without hesitation you sign up for an early purchase. That is one type of fan. Then there is the YOLO fan. The fan who really isn’t in love with the artist anymore yet saw the tickets for 30$ on Groupon so thought… why not?!

The second fan was me. I loved Ellie yet was not willing to pay 100$ for a ticket so…I turned to groupon. Yet when I was studying for exams I heard a voice…one from the local radio station saying “Win Ellie Ticket’s if you can name song A,B and C”. I have this station on speed dial, because I always want to win yet never do:(! So I called in and to my surprise heard, “Yo Kiss 92.5 You won!” NO. WAY. I won 4 VIP tickets for Ellie Goulding!

*Que awkward me screaming into the phone on the radio* As one could guess this completely changed my POV on the concert. I turned into Fan A. 

4. Prep for concert

Now that you got your tickets, some way or another, it seems that the concert is ALL you can talk about. A conversation on food? Why not say “??? loves pizza…oh wait I’m going to their concert”. A conversation on global warming? Literally any topic can somehow turn itself into the fact that you are going to a concert. This is your time to gloat AND do realize that this is extremely annoying but at the end of the day…we all can relate.

In this 1 moth to 1 week, all you seem to think of is what to wear or should I work out before hand because her calves are amazing. Trust me this was my mind on Ellie Goulding. During this time period nothing else matters.

5. Concert!!!

The day has come. It is an amazing day. Anything horrible can happen…and you will somehow still be ecstatic! Once arriving to the venue (probably 5 hours before hand) you start to freak out and say things that you would NEVER want to hear such as “I’m going to be breathing the same air as her” “I need to put on 7 layers of concealer just in case she sees me” “Do I look cake-y?” “Kill me now omg I don’t think I can do this” *Ques fan bragging about where they are sitting*. It is as bad as it seems, but none of that matters! Because you made it!

then you enter the best night of your life….

**Last night , as you can already tell, was the Ellie Goulding concert. I took four of my best friends and had the time of my life. Ellie went from being angelic in a long white gown to bad ass in a leather jacket with a sequined jumpsuit. Who else could pull off every genre AND every style?! My friends had the best time and practically, and surprisingly, knew all of her songs. I cannot explain how much of a goddess she was. We left that concert feeling united as a friend group and also thinking that Ellie Goulding is very underrated! (they couldn’t stop thanking me enough that I took them) **

6. Morning after

Checks Phone @ 7 am:

“Why are there 5 pictures from the concert on my Instagram?” “I am so sore” *calls friend that you took to the concert to gloat about the best night ever*

The concert was a complete daze. It might as well be called Dazed and Confused. Why? You were so caught up in the concert and the atmosphere that it barely felt like you were there! Almost like a dream! You wake up confused to see that social media was also not dragging at all! It seemed you posted every 5 seconds! You have to check your camera roll to make sure that you even went. (and of course the storage is full but that’s okay!)

…..and trust me the videos make you want to cry and stay in bed all day to have the hopes of dreaming about the amazing night before.

7. Year after

It is a boring winter day. You decide to clear your camera roll because the “Storage is almost full” and you cannot bear to delete your 1000 group chats!

As you scroll through un necessary selfies, you stumble upon the holy-grail of concert compilations. After 10 minutes of reminiscing, you take one for the team and delete the un necessary videos. So…you may be thinking “it was memorable though!”, yes it was…but all the videos were not! *I know it’s saddening*

*2 months later*

You want to look for the images again to show a new friend just how cool you are (don’t we all do that?!) then it occurs to you….they are DELETED. *the horror* *slow tear*

8. Cycle begins again:)!

Yes, this is the final stage! Parting is such sweet sorrow:(! Luckily, you will find another artist! One that will relate to your every action. And so the cycle continues….

Hey guys!

I hope you can relate to this post, and did not get bothered with my complete joy over one of the best nights of my life. I know this may be annoying, but seriously look Ellie Goulding up. You may think that she is not her own artist and just features in songs, but those songs are nothing compared to her un known tunes. In case you are too lazy to look through all of her songs here is my list:

  1. I Do What I Want
  2. Lost and Found
  3. Don’t Panic
  4. Army
  5. Something In the Way You Move
  6. Devotion

That’s all for today guys! Please like, comment down below your thoughts and follow:)! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a day as amazing as Ellie Goulding’s calves. 

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