How To Survive Your First Music Festival!

It’s that time of year.

Stress galore. From the high school and university students worrying if the will ever  leave their jobs at McDonald’s and have a proper career with their exam marks, to adults hoping that their requested time of work off will go through because they did not want to spend an extra 1$ to secure a safe refund. Can’t you just smell the desperation for summer to begin?! Well lucky for you…it already has! How? It has to be since it officially is…music festival season. For you non-rave-lovers, you may want to change your vacation to that weekend, yet for those of you who need to let loose…a music weekend may be the perfect option for you!

This year I went to my FIRST EVER music festival…Bestival in Toronto. It was an amazing weekend, yet as a first time music go-er I needed a guide. So to all you newbies…here is my guide to music festivals!



When I heard about Bestival, I knew I had to go. Not only were TAME IMPALA PLAYING but there was a 2.5 hour set by the one and only… The Cure. To be truly honest I did not know many of the other artists (besides Grimes and Jamie XX), yet that didn’t stop me. To all you grasshoppers die-ing to go to a music festival..then I say sign up  to the news letter of the festival. At the bottom of the webpage their will be a sign up for emails, do NOT skip this. The emails they send actually are useful *shocking really* and they 99% of the time give the user a promo code to purchase tickets early. Not only a guarantee but also a cheaper price, thank me later. (pr you can just sign up for my email list ;)!)

Knowing the ARTISTS***:

Before going to Bestival I made an effort to listen to all of the artist performing. If you are a music lover like me, then you will realize how being at a concert and not knowing a single song can completely suck. Everyone around you is jamming out and you are just there trying to find a chorus that you can tag along to. So I’d say this is pretty key (in the words of DJ Khaled). Except if you really are not into a certain band/performance…check out what else there is to do! Like Bestival there may be a psychedelic café, inflatable church, who knows!

The Outfit:

I am a worry-er. I worry about being late by a millisecond to anything, therefore I arrive 30 minutes early. Yes, I am that person. So when I got the news of Bestival I automatically thought, “Oh Lord…what am I going to wear?!” Just think about it. I needed something that was not only comfortable, will look good on Instagram, but most importantly…I can wear over and over again. Lots of people make the mistake of buying a pricey item that will never see the light of day after the fest, yet for me that was the complete opposite of what I achieved. I went to Blue-notes and bought a funky dress for 5$! Very comfortable, so cute and lets not forget about that un-beatable prices! Here is a picture of me from today (aka day 1 of 2)

finding some shade wasn’t a problem here
fringe galore
floppy hat saves the day

You may hit this phase…the phase of


There is no need to explain. We all go into denial some times. Yet this type of denial is different. For some, festivals may be a breeze, yet to newbies it is a whole new world of ways to be judged by hipsters or to get robbed. I cannot help you out with the hipsters, but all I can say is that I got a tone of stares as I was belting “IT FEELS LIKE WERE ONLY GOING BACKWARDSSS” when Tame was on their set. You cannot do anything about it. Keep calm, be yourself, have a blast, let all that stress go and …carry on!

Oh, and for your robbed fear…trust me I’ve got you covered!Just look up the times and stages on your! (keep one at all times).. I used my FAVOURITE backpack purse for all my belongings at the festival. Because a) if someone was stealing, I would be able to feel them tug on my bag and b) it is a bottomless pit!

This back pack was my best friend (as pictured above). I had the control of my belongings, and could hide it in a way that it did not look like a  fanny pack.

The day:

It is here!!!!! The day you have been bragging about to your “cool” friends. The Festival! Yet do not get too side tracked here is a list:

  • Remember a mini back pack!
  • Don’t go too early (we did) because it will not be such a blast when no one else is there
  • Bring ID for drinks if 19+
  • Bring cash only
  • Water is always a solid idea! Bring a refillable bottle:)
  • Put on that sunscreen; you want a weekend to remember not a burn
  • Be prepared for some good Instagram…so bring a friend!
  • Buy a hat or bring one of some sorts. Especially if you get sun stroke because usually there are not many trees around when at a music festival. (trust me my freckled skin would know!)
  • Remember to belt every song
  • Do not film every song you like. Not only does it block view, but you will not fully be there with the music. Our lives are not behind screens!
  • Have a blast
  • and lastly remember to be you and do what you want to do!

You will have fun no matter what.If you do not like the music, there will always be other things to do! Like a Bar, some weird art that you do not understand that everyone around you does, and themed celebrations! Just be yourself, have a blast and do not give into any peer pressure! Have a sockin’ music festival!

I had a blast at (my first part of) Bestival, and It will be a time I will never forget. Today was the first day so tomorrow will be my last:(! I may have gotten a little burnt, but at least you may learn from my mistakes!
I am so excited to share more with you guys this summer! Please comment down below a festival you went to, and if you could have used this check list! Also comment down below if you would like to see more of these types of posts! Hope you stay out of trouble this summer and have a blast doing you! Oh and hope you join my Sockin’ Summer Reading Club!! It will be legendary!!

from your  Festival go-er,


Hope you enjoyed that! And soon I will be posting a post with more pictures and over all reviews! (comment if you would like that)! I was also wanting to do something interactive so keep posted!!! I filmed my whole day on my new Polaroid cube + , so I will probably make a cool video/album of it all!


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