“Look at this Instagram I found!”
“Show me omg!”
“She’s is flawless, has a super hot boyfriend ,and lives in Australia😍”
“Oh my God…goals! Can I be her?!”

*an over heard conversation that I hear at least once a day by teenage girls*


Not only does it bring happiness, yet a tad bit of stress. The stress that is… Bikini Season. On average 81% of 10+ year old girls are afraid of being fat. When I was 10, I didn’t have a care about my size. It only began to strike me that I may not be “perfectly sized” when I was 13.( I.e the year that I fully joined social media). Now a days, the teenagers being born in society have never lived their life without a halo of social media around them have the constant back lash from the vision of the “perfect figure” will always reside with them.

If you know me, you may be thinking… You’re not one to talk! Yet to those who don’t necessarily know me let me explain. I am a size 2-4 with extra long legs. Yet it would also be a lie if I said that I have never felt pressured by the media of my body image. So how did I get sucked in to the Instagram pool? It only took a little thing called: Goals.

Growing up we have all been told to reach for our goals, whether they were to be a dentist or to travelling the world, we all had them. Recently in social media, there has been a hash-tag/slang going around called ….#Goals. An example of goals is when you witness a person who has the ultimate body and immediately puts your self esteem down by 10%. Then sadly, once you have nothing else to say, you would say #goals.  Whether it is from models to real life conversations, the word goals has been floating around  world of 2016.

GOALS GOALS GOALS. No. We are not all granted with the body of Kim Kardashian. Kim, just like all of us mere mortals, has doubts about her body too!

It is quite common for people, especially teenage girls, to pose/ try to create this fake identity online to please the way that they want to look to others. The sad thing about it is they go through hours of stress and anxiety all for what they want others to picture them as. Not them selves. The sad thing is that we see every celebrity as perfect that when they are normal for one second, they get hated on by being called ugly or fat.

To be honest, I am not a non user. I try very  hard not to say goals, yet sometimes it slips out. It slips out when my mind is not over matter. Those days when I look at my body and say, “That should be me”. Yet it is time to stop. Today is the day that I end this. The toxic word will forever be banished from my vocabulary.

In 2016, the rate of low self esteem has been higher then ever, so what do I propose to that?

Lets work something out together. And beat the #goals stigma!

It is so important to break this stigma so this summer, when you throw on your finest bikini you will smile back at the reflection you see and say “Man, I look hot!”. We are all beautiful; everyone in this world is. Yet beauty is not just on the outside, as cliche as it sounds, it is all built up from the inside. Here is my silver lining of how to love and appreciate the body that you are given:

  • start your very own compliment diet. What is that? A compliment diet doesn’t tell you to loose 4 pounds by summer, rather how beautiful you are every day. They are little quotes to keep you going. Even if they are as little as daily reminders on your cell phone, a compliment diet will change the way you look and feel forever.


  • Instead of being sucked in by the doubt of social media, instead of saying everything you hate about yourself, look from a new perspective and say everything that you love about yourself. The love from how funny you are to how hot you look in pimple cream.
  • ****Remember **** the bikini doesn’t wear you… you wear the bikini. So wear it with confidence and flare! This goes for ANYTHING.
  • By saying goals we give into the un healthy relationship saying that we “cannot”. Let me tell you this right here right now. You can be anything that you set your mind to. If you see a picture of a model, don’t just go “I can never be like her”. Well sweet heart, you can. Do you know her story? Do you know how she feels? No. The reality is what ever you do, if you love every aspect of your life, you will be 10000 times happier then those poser people that surround your everyday life. Live your own dream reality.
  • Stop trying to be a fake identity. Be who you want to be. Whether you love to create the perfect Instagram or not, never give into the peer pressure of #goals, and do it for you not for the sake of being cool.
  • I am so sorry to say this but…we cannot all have a perfect body. We are all created differently to be who we are. Also remember, everyone wants what they cannot have. That person who may have it all is most likely craving something else. So own what you have and if everyone stares….Let them! Who says you’re not perfect!
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST cut out the negative words in your vocabulary. Words and statements such as: “#goals”, “Today I feel fat”, “Eww I look so gross” and anything in between.


We should have no shame in owning who we are. So this summer, I challenge you to ditch the norm and look at yourself as your own goals. Because you only see your true goals. Yourself.

Sorry for the serious matter, I just feel very strongly about this subject, since… we are given with one body and one body only, we should own who we are!

lots o love


(P.S. A great video to watch on this subject is this one here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xe1Qyks8QEM)

^^^ so important to watch ❤


By Sock the Walk

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