Dogue or Vogue?Dogs Never Go Out of Style

Solve this riddle..
What can be any shape or size
Will last up to 19 years
Will be your best friend
And still is not as big of an investment as a Chanel purse?

No, I ‘m not talking about cell phones or phony brands, yet about things that really matter. Things that will love you back….Dogs!

I have never lived one day without owning a dog. Let me correct that…lived without a dog.Why is own un acceptable? Well one does not just own a dog. Dog’s, then again all pets, should be treated with the respect and love just like your very own. They are not going away any time soon! Since the beginning of time, these historic pups have been in the spotlight. While other fads with pets (such as cats) have come and gone….what makes dogs so special? To prove why dogs are the best, I created a list of reasons on why dogs rule! And what realms they rule!

Realm #1: The Emotional Realm

Take a look at this and just tell me that this pup doesn’t make you feel some type of way…

wp-1464045921613.jpgStill hasn’t got you yet? Well then take a look at the stats.

Dogs are not just “pretty faces”. Owning a dog cannot just make you have a reason to go home, but actually makes you healthier. Their cute and will make me fit?! They are the dream.

Let me stop you there… they do not make you have abs, yet make affect our health inside which shines out! By just petting your dog you can lower your blood pressure. Yet that’s not all! When you pet your pup for 15 minutes or more, it not only lowers your anxiety yet your dogs anxiety by a significant amount. A win-win!

They are also there for you through thick and thin. A dog can sense when there are changes in the human body, emotionally and physically and will comfort you. For example, when I am sad, my dog will always come over to me and give me some affection. It not only gives you two some quality time yet digs you out of that black whole feeling. In all seriousness, dogs can also detect when their owner is having a seizure or any sort of unexpected issues and will alert someone else and better yet save your life.

If that doesn’t make you want to go get a pup right here and right now… I do not know what will!

Realm #2: Fashion!!

This is what I live for! I’m no mathematician yet… dogs + iconic fashion= a pretty darn good equation to me!


We have always had the stereotypical “purse dog’s”….


Here we have Ashley Tisdale and her best buddy out and about. See? She got the memo about how cool dogs are. And what could be a better accessory then one that will change the way you live for life?!

The adorable level of a dog can change someones style from romantic to edgy to anything in between.

Here we have some of the most influential iconic women in the 21st century. Do you see what they have with them? Dogs! These pup loving gals know whats up. They know to use these dogs for a perfect photo-op ;)!

So when did we first see dogs in the fashion world? It all started in 1440 BC when people would use decorative dog collars to admire the beauty of their dogs. So where are they now? Well now a days, major names in fashion use dogs in their seasonal runways.


How do we know they are used by “big names in fashion”?…


We all know if Anna Wintour was there that it must be a big fashion show. Just look at the iconic Vogue editor in awe of the posh poodle.

Final Comments:

Not only can these pooches make cute fashionistas hotter


*ques picture when the elegant pup did the impossible*

…. yet owning a dog can change your life. Maybe their food may cost a lot, or their breath may stink from time to time, but the benefits definitely out weigh the negatives. It always crushes my heart when people tell me that they are allergic to dogs because I could not imagine my life without my loving pup! It may sound funny but, my dog has single handily changed my life. So much love.


( Here’s my beautiful dog! A true Gigi Hadid of the dog world)

Thank you so much for reading! One of the most interesting places to go for a day trip in Toronto is to Pawsway. Pawsway is a dog center from Purina that dishes out all the details you could ever need about your breed of dog. Plus they have an inspirational “Hall of Fame” that consists of amazing pets that have saved their owners lives!

Much love to all you doggy lovers,


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