Better Than Sex or Worse Than The Rest?

When buying makeup I have two rules. Buy cheap makeup that runs out, like mascara, at the drug store and buy long lasting items, such as blush or eye shadows, at mac or sephora. Yet lately I have been bending those rules. All because of the better than sex mascara by too faced.


I have very long eye lashes. I do not brag about them, they are just long like every other part of my body. Since birth my eyelashes have been black as night and quite long. You are probably sitting there going “why the hell is she complaining?”. Before you hate me, just take into the fact of the flat lashes. Most people can just apply their mascara super quick and it will keep the curl yet mine do not do that. I have to curl them then find a good mascara that will sustain them (usually maybelline). The issue is at the end of the day my mascara tends to “deflate” so when I get home my eye lashes are as flat as a pancake. It drives me mad!

So when I saw a tester tube of the highly reviewed Better Than Sex, I thought why not?! So here is my review of the BTS mascara vs the average drug store mascara legend… Great Lash!

The price/purchasing it:

I almost hesitated when buying the Great Lash full price. 10$?! What?! I usually buy mascara in bulk when it is 4 dollars on a weekend sale. So I got my act together and bought one. The funny thing is when I saw that the better than sex tester was 15$ I was over joyed. How does that work brain?! When buyjng a product that is quite expensive I often think what a deal when something is slightly on sale yet…really is not.

My 2 Day Test:

Day #1= Great Lash
7 am: hopped out of shower and put on Great Lash Mascara in Blackest Black….Issue 1 occured
I usually don’t tend to use smaller mascara wands when I apply mascara so the minature wand that I got put me on a major set back time wise. Instead of the usual one swipe and go, it took quite a few more. I know, this is not the end of the world, yet to people like me (a worrier at heart), these precious minites in my morning can not be wasted!!

1pm….Que deflate
Maybe the deflate was by 1mm, yet to me it looked like they were completely flat!
So one can imagine by 4pm they were as flat as they begun
Yet the mascara came off with no harsh rubbing and no raccoon eyes!

Day #2: BTS Mascara

7am: Mascara was applied with such ease. One swipe and done! Just the way I like it! I got a few black marks on my upper lid (I lose control sometimes), but that was just me not being used to the crumbly brush.

Issue #1 eta 9am. When walking to with my best friend she stopped me to fix my mascara. Fix my mascara?! How could this be?! Then after a few wipes of my lower lash line she told me that the mascara left a few chunks. See this is my issue. I have a lot of lashes, yet when adding high impact mascara, it just clumps.

1pm: looked in mirror. Was still the intensity! Yesss! I could tell that I appplied too much onto my lower lashes yet..they looked pretty damn good.

3pm…still on fleek!

Then issue #2 occured at 10 pm. When I get tired, I want to finish my night routine quick and go to lala land. Yet this mascara would not come off! For some reaso my makeup remover did not love this mascara and worked just as good as a bit of soapy water would.

End Result?
At the end of all of this I’ve got to give this one to the BTS! Too Faced you’ve done it again! I got a new makeuo remover and guess what?! It all came off! A win-win! I would just suggest to you guys to not apply it onto the bottom lashes, because it creates a look that looks too fakey cakey.

Over all, if I feel confident about my lashes, I have a good day. It sounds stupid but that mascara really did make me feel like I could take on the world!

Thanks guys! The reviews were so good from the True Brown K so I thought…why not another?!
Hope you enjoyed it!

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