How to “Edit” Your Wardrobe

Spring. The time of year that not only gives us hope that there truly is a bright side after a dark winter, but also makes us do the one thing no human enjoys doing. Cleaning. The hardest thing to clean after a season of turtle necks and furry coats may not be your floors (even though in my house a week cannot go by without some what cleaning the floors), but tackling the one thing that keeps me going.

The wardrobe. A wardrobe should consist of the clothes that shape who you are as a person. Fun, happy, what ever you may be! Every spring, you find yourself standing in front of your over flowing closet thinking “There is nothing that I want to throw out”… well young grass hoppers, let me help share with you some tips for editing your summer wardrobe.


Rule #1:

Look at your wardrobe. Take a real good look at it. Then repeat after me, “No matter how long this will take me, I will conquer my closet”. Then the next part will be the most important part of this whole blog. Put on some good tunes and call up a friend for your help. Two sets of eyes give a better perspective to what you are clearing out.

(I recommend Majestic Casual for cool remixed vibe)

Why is it editing though? Well editing sounds a lot less harsh then clearing out… so channel your inner celebrity and edit away!

Rule #2: The Check list

a check-list of if each item of clothing is worth it:

  • have you worn it in the last week/month?
  • Do you look hot in it?
  • Does it accentuate your physique?
  • does it make you happy? If you could portray yourself in an article of clothing…would this do you justice?
  • Is it ugly? (quite common actually)


  • Have you ever worn it?
  • Is it meant for winter weather? if so pack it away in a tub for next year! Looking at a sweater will/can bum my mood!
  • Is there any emotional attachment? And no, if you are keeping this article of clothing because it is a designer brand…that is not the point of fashion! You are keeping it for all the wrong reasons. One should have an article of clothing for the way that it makes them feel not the maker it is by.
  • Does it scream 2000? If so please dispose of it this very moment


(none of this should ever live in your closet)

Rule #3: Motivation!

Some times it is hard to make time for cleaning out your closet because it is truly a hard job. If you are having any doubts at all about it, just think about all the good you can do! Look up your local Facebook groups and see if there are any organizations for Syrian Refugees, the homeless or people who may not have the lifestyle that you have, and donate donate DONATE! The feeling after donating is a marvelous thing! A wise author once said , Don’t go looking for shelter when you are caught in the rain, but help to become your own shelter and proper shelter will come to you. Or to keep it simpler…

What goes around comes around, comes all the way back around”- Justin Timberlake, What Goes Around…Comes Around

(Don’t you just love titles that are exactly the lyrics?!)

Or another funky idea would be to have a clothing swap with your friends! A win-win for either choice.


All and all, you should not change who you are around the style of clothes that you want to achieve, rather change your clothes in a quirky way to match who you are! So don’t hold on to the things that  do not make you feel like the amazing bean you are inside and out! Mix it up a bit and have fun and do it for yourself!


By Sock the Walk

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  1. This winter I got rid of 110 pieces of clothing, donating most of it, throwing some out because I wear my clothes to death. I even looked at all my socks. Then in the ensuing three months, I spent almost $1000 replacing that stuff with better fitting stuff. I feel great but I think I need another part-time job…

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  2. You gotta be ruthless…! That’s my motto. Have some beautiful clothes that I bought when I was super skinny. Let’s be honest. I’m never going to fit into them again!!


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