Why Sock The Walk?

*Looks at my blog name and either thinks of socks and sandals or knee high socks*

When neither of those too are anything close to the meaning!

A common question that I have received lately has been “What does Sock the Walk even mean?!”.

Before anyone makes any assumptions, no it is not  about socks and sandals. It actually actually came to me from my daily routine.

Since this is my first EVER  post about myself…. I would like to give you all a formal hug. 3.2.1.*hug through screen* Better already!!

(Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start)

Growing up, I was not always tall. My very best friend was always an inch or two taller then me and I quite liked it. To me being 5’4 was magical; not too tall yet not too small. Then a tragic moment happened…Middle School. *gasp*

The quote “you grow wider before you grow taller” was not the truth for me. For my body my feet got a whole of a lot bigger before my body could even fit normally with them. To sum it up, I had Hobbit feet. For my small self my body could not seem to keep up. Until one year later I grew about 5 inches. As the result of big feet, I went through socks like no body’s business. No sock ever fit me right. Until I found  it… The Costco Puma Sock. As we discovered these magical socks I was over joyed. Finally something that will fit me. Then I realized… they were men’s socks.

At the time, because of this fact, I became a bit self conscious about my size. No shorts fit my long legs correctly, no arms are ever long enough, and I truly do tower over all of my friends. I would hope to stop growing, but I never did.

So you are probably wondering…. what do socks have to do with all of this?

Well my darlings, socks were the first step to my acceptance. Once I got over the fact that everyone is different, I accepted the defaults of my body. I bought men’s socks, got extra long pants and items that made me feel like I actually have a place to belong in the fashion world. You see, once I realized that we no one has the perfect foot/body in general, I begun to care less about how others may see my body.Even if you may spot me with my puma worded socks from a mile away, that is just who I am.  If strangers want to call me a lamp post, giraffe or even Tswift…let them.

You know what they will see when they say these names? A girl walking away, with her PUMA lettered male socks, not caring about a word they say. Quoting DJ Khaled…. Don’t listen to they.


Socks Rule!! It is quite funny the little things that bring confidence in this world. It can be as little as a pair of socks. The real reason that I wanted to write this though is the share my new logo. A fellow member if Word Press, Vintage Reflection, created this beautiful logo for me. It is quirky, fun and a beautiful representation of everything I loved. Thanks again! Means the world to me!


Thank you for reading!



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