Who Run the World? Moms!

From women’s rights to the empowering new fashion world around us, the twenty first century is the century of honoring the power of the woman. There is the laid back lady, activist lawyer to even the stay at home mother, now a days the options are endless. Yet there is one specimen that no one can absorb all of their power at one glimpse; the Mum. Mums are there for you every day, in every way, even if all you need is a simple person to call when you are bored in public and want to look like you have “priorities”. The Mum is such an amazing role that could take a billion scientists to understand how they always know when you need a coat. Seriously Weather Network, hire a parent of some sort and you will actually be correct. It’s voodoo.

This Mothers day, I will be honoring the MUM by showing how they rule every aspect of the world.

The Girl Squad:

Taylor Swifts group of 20-something super models with gigantuine legs have one thing missing. No, it is not the baking aspect, they already conquered that, but they are lacking the true joy of the Mother Squad. The MS looks like your neighborhood-friendly group, yet when they meet up all the gossip comes out. From puking to discovering a hot new next door neighbor, they cover it all. They are basically your very own personal Sex and the City group. Yet what makes these gals so mysterious? When they come home, they go back to their normal lives. Unlike the T Swift group, where there whole life is a dream, these mothers true dreams are their families. For them a night out is amazing, a great way to let loose and see how you are all the same, yet a normal life is what the urn for. To me that is truly conquering the definition of a glam squad.


(once you have been together through kids….that is when you know it is true friendship.)


The Fashion World:

To all the people who ever made fun of the wedgie jeans, known as Mom Jeans; shame on you! Not only do mom jeans make everyone’s (and I mean everyone’s) derriere look amazing, they also are the equivalent to jean sweat pants. Super comfy, yet super acceptable. Even if the Mom Jean is just a fashion trend of the moment, I praise all you mothers who made it a thing because, I have found jean heaven from you.


**** Top Shop MOTO Mom Jeans are the best jeans I have ever purchased… Go buy yourself a pair girls!!!*******

The Personal Meteorologist Factor:

Do you ever wonder how Mothers seem to always know the temperature out?! If you ask , “Should I go for the cardi or coat”, and your mother says coat, you 100% will not follow her instructions. Then as you are strolling through out your daily life, miserably cold as can be, you will rue the moment that you did not follow her rules. It is a cycle that happens to me every day. The Weather Network needs to hire my Mum right away, because with the help of my Mum, they will FINALLY get the temperature estimate correctly. I am unsure when my mother and all the mothers in the world develop this skill, yet that is one of the things I am looking forward to the most in motherhood…. always being correct in your children’s eyes. To me, no matter what my mother does, I will be astounded by her with the awe of I-just-don’t-know-how-she-does-it.

The 21st Century World:

Women have come quite a long way from where we were 100 years ago. 1900, right about now, all women would be stay at home mothers in a world completely ruled by men. Women had no rights, no voice or no representative what so ever. Then quite shortly after in 1918, in Great Britain, women were granted the right to be elected in parliament. Yet how did we get from point A to point B? Women. A group of stay at home mothers in the 20th century had ENOUGH of the in equality between men and women, and formed the suffragette campaign. Even if the campaign was the right to vote, that campaign has led us to the working women with endless possibilities that we are today. The suffragettes really did influence everything in our society from a David Bowie classic hit to a women strong world. Even though women still do not have equal pay as men (78 cents for every dollar), we have come a long way. From day dreaming about the life they cannot be, to the 21st century, society has completely flopped sides. To think all of this just started from some mothers and daughters who were not taking no for an answer, really is the most astounding reason to celebrate Mothers Day.

Make Believe World:

Even if these mothers are all make believe, we just need to have a moment of silence for how amazingly different each one is. Here is my shrine of television mothers:


Maybe Tula’s family cared a lot, but you can never have too much love and support from your mother!


“I’m the cool mom”

This iconic Amy Poehler role has not only made fun of the wanna be mother but put a fun twist and new outlook on the entire movie. After watching Mean Girls, the cool mom role leaves you wanting more and to get in on the fun.

Happy hour is from 5-6 girls!


The inspiration from this amazing book to novel has shaped the way of love and trust in my eyes forever. A must read and must watch for all.


I have no words except for… this is my future.

The dancing Queen!

Self Love World:

Many mothers that I know are selfless. They put their children/husband/turtle, before anyone else in their life, and usually forget about the health of them selves. It is magical how they can build up so many others in the most effortless way, and not whine about the fact that they are not getting any in return. This may seem sad, but they usually forget how it feels, so this Mothers Day….treat your Mum right. DO NOT just call her up at the tail end of the day, rather go the extra mile and show her all the love that shaped you into the iconic daughter/son that you are today. When your mother says over the phone ,”Oh Honey, I don’t need anything but to see you”, do not believe it. We all know that they would rather a half an hour massage with a bouquet of flowers.

Why? Well even though all of your hand made crafts were cute when you were 5, now as a 30 year old woman maybe not so much anymore. This May 8th, treat your mother like the Queen she is! Whether she knows it or not :)!

Moms have changed the game in every way. From changing your diapers to changing laws. So this May 8th honor your mother. Spend the day doing things she wants to do. Trust me, after all of these years she deserves a good time to herself.

Mum I love you, and I hope you never forget how much you have changed my life. You’ve been there for me when I need you most, even if it is just to watch the Note book. I love you too the moon and back, and I will be here to the end of time. Because when you are old and grey, I will give the enormous care that you gave me and continue to give me day after day.

Happy Mothers Day to all


By Sock the Walk

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  1. Wow, what a fantastic message, so glad to have you as my daughter! Love mum. ( a bit technically challenged that it’s taken me a few days to find this).

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