True Brown K or True Waste of Money?

It all flashed before my eyes. One second it was 7 pm on an average Tuesday night; the next I was a proud owner of a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit. Yet how did we get here, you may ask, to tell the cold hard truth…I do not know. Millions of people all over the world kill to get what I got all because I saw a post on Instagram saying it was available.  For all of you millions of people yearning for the kit this is my story. Take it or leave it but this is truly what happened.

*The beginning of my adventure*

PART I: The memo

It was a boring week night (as most of them are) when I stumbled upon this product. I was on Instagram, as I usually am 24 hours of the day, and I saw it. The MAGICAL post. These posts from Kylie come once in a blue moon. The post read “Lip Kits not sold out yet go to !!!” of course it had plenty of emojis after it but I saw what I had to see. To give more of a background I love the kar/jenners. I do not really have a reason either. I truly just adore watching the drama and seeing how abnormal their life is. By no means is Kylie my favorite ,Kendall is, but this was a once in a life time chance I had to take.

PART II: The Website

So there I am at 7:01 pm on her website immediately. Every shade that is half decent is sold out. DAMN. So what do I do? Of course I buy the most unflattering shade for my skin tone: True Brown K. This shade is the colour of chocolate Betty Crocker icing and for some reason I buy it. It was a pleasant buying experience and it did come in under 2 weeks in the mail. The only bad part about that was the anxiety of it not reaching my home safely. Then it arrived. In all of it’s glory. The black box with white paint dripping that read KYLIE on the front had arrived.

PART III: The Opening

All I can say is to get a card written by Kylie was not special at all but the packaging for the product is absolutely gorgeous. The box is the colour of the lip kit and has a golden lip. Once I opened it I officially took in what I had purchased. A KJ LIP KIT!

PART IV: The Trial

Smooth,silky and birthday cake. Three words I would use to describe this product. The lip liner was the easiest part of the whole fiasco. The gel lip liner went on my lips as smooth as can be. I did not dare to actually over draw my lips (I have Kylie in 2012 lips btw), and I think that was for the best. After the outline it was time for the big unveiling…the true brown k reveal. Yet at that moment I had a mini panic. “Did I just buy something that will make my paper thin lips look even more wispy?” There was only one way to  find out; so I began to swipe it on. The pigment not only is more powerful then god but stays on your lips for HOURS. As I put on the colour a mini attack of over drawing my lips happened. Then to my surprise I discovered how easy to put on the liquid lipstick method is. The long lasting colour went on my whole lip in a swipe and dried in under one minute. Then I looked in the mirror…oh lord. I was ready to see a 10 year old version of myself who got “too into” the chocolate cake at her birthday party (because the lip kit smells like cake!!), but all I could see was a dark queen. I looked like the coolest most edgy person I’ve ever met. The chocolate colour complemented my skin tone ( and freckles) and gave me a nice romantic look.

(How I felt with the lip kit colour on…I feel you Nori)


Is the hype all worth it? Maybe. To be honest if I could just buy the lip liner I would. The lip liner was the nicest one I’ve ever experienced. Would I buy it again though? No. For me personally I like to stick to classic looks so even thinking about getting this was risky for me. The whole experience did benefit my life though with cool selfies and a new outlook on different colours to try. Do I recommend it? Yes. It is a once in a life time opportunity to get one of these kits! If you can muster a way to get your paws on one of these, I would be the proudest mom-blog-sender in the world!

Hey guys!

So  I have never done a blog like this and I hope you all like it. If you have any comments or remarks or even requests (I would adore requests) please comment down below! If you like me.. hey welcome to the sock clan! Hope you stick around and subscribe for more blogs:)

stay Sockin’


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