What I learned from Fashion Month

*sees pictures of Gigi Hadid from fashion month and instantly wonders how she can pull off EVERY look from intense baby powdered hair to jet lag chic*

The most wonderful time of the year has come and gone. By most wonderful I mean the time of year when you question how models are real people; Fashion week. After every fashion week (New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Milan), I always find myself wondering how many of these looks will actually become popular. I’m sorry, but there are only certain things that models can pull off without looking completely insane. Therefore I decided to make a list of the top trends from FW… To see if us mere mortals can truly capture the looks.


  1. Chokers
  2. Intense smoky kaja-esque look
  3. Tan Line Fill in
  4. Metallic looks
  5. Slip dresses
  6. Slicked back hair


  1. Chokers-

Just when we thought chokers were left behind in 2013/2014; they have returned. Thankfully the new choker look is NOT  the plastic chokers that you catch 9 year old girls wearing at your local Starbucks but ones more like this:


The runways have super chic and sleek chokers that only the adventurous fashion gurus would try. So why don’t we go for the calm Kendall look, shall we? After finding the perfect choker from Nasty Gal or any online store, you proceed to checkout. Then it happens. The terror. The only nice choker is…SOLD OUT. You ponder how and decide to try-again-for-old-times-sake. Then you stumble upon the most beautiful yet god awful thing you have ever seen….


The tie-dye background says it all. Even the people at Coachella would gasp as you walk by. So then you think “It must be a sign from the Drake and Josh Gods”, so then you think of that ‘Squad’ of tween girls taking pictures of their hot chocolates at Starbucks and shutter. I will never be that person ever .

2. Intense Smokey eye Kaja look

A smokey eye is always in fashion. For me the perfect going out look is: a bronzed smokey eye, a little bit of eye liner *ONLY ON THE BOTTOM*, a black dress ,and a killer pair of shoes. Yet this year on the runways it seemed that every makeup artist was going for a bold look such as these:

After seeing these looks, I instantly thought oh lord…IT’S BACK...


All I ask is, really 2016?! Please explain. It seems that all Fashion keeps doing is reverting back to the times that used to be, shouldn’t we focus on the future? If you are bold enough to wear this in public I bow down to you because honestly I’d let the looks of “who is this raccoon? ” go to my head and would run home in shame. If you can rock the 2002 Avril then, you will get all the sk8r bois.

3. Tan Line Fill in

In honor of the spring starting, I am going to bring a look that could be useful to your life: how to deal with “the lines”. I cannot describe those lines so here is all I am going to leave you with:


The horror! How can Kimberly Kardashian cope?! Well lucky for Kim and all of us the Chanel show gave us a solution.


When tanning for too long merely just “colour in” your pastie sections with a pop colour!! Kendall is helping out a family member yet still looks like at any moment she can join the Blue Man group. The best of both worlds!

4. Metallic looks

Metallics; cute, trendy and flashy in large doses. This season on many runways we witnessed some romantic vibes and then the complete opposite. Some just metallic shows.


Not only does the metallic look give each outfit tons of attention yet also makes the models them selves pop. Just to give you a quick look lets zoom out of this one for one second.



Now creds to the Fashion world you have the perfect outfit that can also counteract as your next Halloween costume. Thank you fashion gods.

5. Slip Dresses

Thank fully for those of you who love to sleep, pajama fashion is in right now! Just roll out of bed in your silk pajama top and you can take on the day (even to work). Then there’s the trend for those of you who hate wearing real clothing; slip dresses. What you wear underneath that lace-can-see-every-inch-of-my-body dress…. Now just wear it alone! If you do not have one yet this may be hard to get. First you look at Victoria’s Secret website and see the perfect one. Then you cry a little. Why? The perfect dress is 80$. So then you decide to take the cheaper root and go on Etsy. There it is; another perfect one. FINALLY. Yet it is sold out, so it redirects you to a recommendation. There you find….


Wow. The iconic pioneer village slip dress. The slip dress is a hard trend to conquer if you have long legs, or short legs, or really for anyone. But if you happen to find one…buy it right away! Never look back honey.

6. Slicked back hair

This trend has been around for quite a while now. Every celebrity from the kar/jenner’s to Shay Mitchell have perfected this look. Yet some, like me, are still trying to wrap their head around it. I do not understand how they can do something like this


& turn it into something beautiful! My hair never leaves a middle part, no matter how much I try, I will always ending up looking like Jesus with a luscious middle part. Yet for sometimes it does; swimming. I honestly feel this is how us “non-makeup and hair artist people” can do it.

#1. Do not wash your hair for a few days

  • let it grease out a bit, trust me beauty is worth it

#2. Go to the pool

  • once at the pool get out of the water and slick back your hair

#3. The attempt

  • attempt to take your hair and put gel in it to keep it slicked back
  • Don’t forget to brush it back! Get that look

#4. Result

  • once going out outfit is complete, your hair will look perfect
  • then after 20 minutes it will look awful because celebrities use some sort of wizardry

I truly love Fashion Week, many times believe it or not I wish that I were in the shows. It would just be life changing to prance around in clothes worth more that me. I hope you enjoyed this because I know I did. I had a blast writing this and if you like it please follow, like or comment:) Thanks a ton x

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