“Where’s it from?”

Your phone died. Ugh. Now what?
You examine the room as you usually do in these hour-long-lineup situations.   Spotted. Finally, a girl in front of you who looks like minded enough to talk to you. Okay let’s do this. Attempt #1 “so the weather eh?” *No response, not even an eyebrow twitch*. Okay that went well. Attempt #2 “I love your gladiator sandals where did you get them fro..” *que into 2 hour conversation about Top shop*

Clothe envy: the art of yearning for an item for months and once spotted on a stranger will do anything to get the exact detail of where its from. It happens to the most of us, yet this, this is something different. Something I like to call the true meaning of fashion.

Everyone has been through a situation where you are put on the spot to “meet my friend blah-blah, ill be right back you guys chat”, and let me tell you it is awkward. Usually both of you sit and stare at each other then at the floor (because you cannot bear to make eye contact… That’s weird). Both of you scan the room to find a topic to talk about and attempt #2 commences. I call this the “from who to wear”. One second you have absolutely no clue who this stranger, and the next you cannot stop talking about what Katy Perry wore two Thursdays ago. You know that dress thing that you thought was the biggest fashion crisis since 2006 Britney. This is the absolute joy of fashion. Even if you hate, and I mean hate, what this random stranger is wearing you complement them (to be kind of course) and you may find out later how great of a person they are just from one simple question.

Fashion breaks the social norm on covers of Vogue yet more importantly it breaks the most awkward situations of humanity. So next time you go over to Sue’s house, and she “magically” invited some stranger, you have the key to unlock maybe a great relationship or a hatred (god knows it will be worth it to have some drama).

By Sock the Walk

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