How to Motivate Yourself to Dress Nicely

Its 7 am on a monday morning. You roll out of bed late for work. Oh great. The most difficult part of the entire morning though is yet to come; the closet. You sit there staring at the abundance of clothes and just decide, “I’ll wear the usual”. So you throw on what you wear every damn day and go.

I hate repeating an outfit. I even feel hesitant to wear blue jeans two days in a row. Yet thinking back to when I was roaming around as a 7 year old we all word the same thing and absolutely no one cared. But how did I get from point A to point B? Well young grasshopper here are some tips on how to dress nicely everyday.

Rule #1:

Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat after me- “I am beautiful, so cool and I am basically Beyoncé” *or any hot gal/guy celeb you aspire to be. I feel my most beautiful when I just get out of bed and look in the mirror at my pimple-creamed self and think “wow look how good you look”. Now that we got that out of the way lets try feeling good with clothes.

Rule #2: Pick an admirer

This may sound cliché yet even if you are married (or in a long term relationship) picture one man/admirer who you would run away with. Then dress as if today you were going to see them.

So lets say if I were going to see this
I’d dress up like his future-gal

Or maybe you are into older men

Because who doesn’t like Colin Firth? Well maybe one one type of person…
Bridget Jones Diary Hugh Grant lovers. Sorry for that loss. Anyway trying not to get sidetracked…..


Rule#3: Be adventurous!

You may be bored of your look just because you do not try new things. So maybe go out to your local store (it doesn’t have to be expensive by all means go to a thrift shop) and find a fun article of clothing that makes you feel like a million bucks. If you feel like a million bucks then you portray this essence of love and exceptence to the world.

Rule#3: For Yourself

The whole point of dressing nicely isn’t for hot men (that’s called motivation) but it truly is to make yourself feel confident. You should feel as if you look amazing everyday. Even if your view of amazing is a track suit. You know what, go wear that track suit everyday. It will not matter to the people who care about you (just like 7 year olds) because they love you.

So next time you look at your closet.. Mix it up a bit and find your self in your clothes.

By Sock the Walk

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